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How to Add/Purchase GrandShipper (Shipsurance) Parcel Insurance

1. Click on “Settings” icon (top right hand corner)

Settings 1

2. Select “My Account”

Settings My Account 2

3. Select the tab named “Shipsurance”

Shipsurance 3

4. Click on the checkbox acknowledging you agree to Shipsurance Terms & Conditions

Shipsurance 4 T&C

5. Scroll down, enter your credit card credentials and prefund your Shipsurance balance. You should be able to see your funds below your Postage balance

Shipsurance 5 CC and Balance

6. In the New Shipment page, enter Recipient Info, Package Details and under Additional Services section, enter the Declared Value and to the right, choose Shipsurance Applied. In the Postage Summary section, you will see the associated cost of the package depending on the declared value; the row name Insurance/Shipsurance:

Shipsurance 6 Declared and Applied

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